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Jules Chéret and His Impact on Modern Day Poster-making


Jules Chéret is a famous French lithographer whose highly vivid and rich colored posters painted the streets of mid to late 19th century France. Chéret was considered one of the many innovators and masters of modern poster-making due to his lithographic technique that brought more bright and vibrant colors into the advertising world. His work inspired a whole new generation of famous painters and poster-makers including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

To show how he brought an expressive quality to advertising, I posted two posters below that compares the older style poster-making with Cheret’s. One is a poster advertising a theatre production in the 1845 while the other is Cheret’s take on a theatre poster form 1892.


While Cheret definitely inspired the impressionist to come, along with popular trends in home decor (wallpaper, furniture, ect); his impact is far-reaching into today’s poster-making world. Although poster making as an expressive art is more of an DIY industry in the US (due to vast highway systems that are littered with billboards) many of the top designers still refer to that vibrant style that Cheret mastered. Below are some contemporary silk-screened posters where you can see Cheret influence still holding strong.



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