Madeline von Foerster


Here’s a new artist I discovered  today while searching for reliquaries.

She includes Wunderkammer (Cabinets of Curiosity) and frogs and toads in her work. All painted using the late medieval technique of egg tempera.

Check out her portfolios… click the link to go to her artist’s site for more



Madeline von Foerster.


About Forest of Dreams

My family calls me the professional, perpetual student. I suppose they have a point, but if you have to be addicted to something, at least learning isn't usually hazardous to your health unless you spend all your living hours in the library or in a studio with toxic chemicals. When I am not on a quest for some arcane bit of information, I can be found at the front of a roomful of wonderful students-- sharing what my sister Kris called "the Fountain of Useless Knowledge". Or playing Ukulele, and sometimes doing both.... To contact me directly-- email

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