I figured that this was relevant to the class today. 🙂

Here’s one example:


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  1. I really like these, I think they are a really interesting concept because people would usually think just of spray painting a building. But this is really unique.

  2. It’s also not permanent, which would make it more socially acceptable. What if park buildings were decorated in this way?

  3. It’s the colors I really like. The green moss against the greyish-white makes the figure 3-dimensional. The subject matter is fantastic because against the grafiti and the worn bricks, it projects serenity.

  4. You know what would look even better? Getting rid of all that tacky and illegal spray-painted crap beside the moss graffiti. It disgusts me that people think that they are entitled to vandalize other people’s property and that people in the art world try to justify such vandalism by calling it art. Ultimately, I agree that the moss is much more socially acceptable and is much more attractive, but it is still vandalism unless the property owners have given their permission for it to be there. (Sorry…..graffiti of any kind gets me on an angry rant).

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