The artists of the Fauvism movement strayed from impressionism and older traditions to create a new, colorful style. Their brushstrokes were thick and brash, with obnoxiously bright colors that were sure to capture the eye.

Matisse seems to be the forerunner for this movement, along with Derain. They were called fauves by a critic that saw their show, which means wild beasts. Looking at this movement, you can see why this name fit their style so well.

This following image, entitled Promenade among the Olive Trees, was early in Matisse getting a hold on his own style. He definitely uses bright colors in this piece, but not to the point where it hurts my eyes, hence why I like this piece. The variation of strokes and such is amazing, and these trees are an interesting blend of realism and almost parody.



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  1. I really like this piece as well. The tilting ground and vague background beyond the trees gives it a very dreamlike quality.

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