The fauvism movement, I must admit, isn’t one of my favorites. I can appreciate the “painterly” approach the artists employed with their use of bold colors and gaudy brushstrokes, however, it is for those reasons that it doesn’t exactly appeal to me. I’d definitely take the works of Redon any day.

But having said that, I did find two works that did appeal to me.  The first is Andre Derain’s Portrait of Henri Matisse. I really liked how he conveyed shadow on the side of the face.  Also, the impressionistic quality I feel works very well with this portrait.  Plus, the fact that the guy resembles me a bit helped in my decision.



The second piece I chose was Woman with large hat by Kees van Dongen. I chose this one because of the color pallet.  The dark maroon and black of the background really appealed to me and I think complimented the skin tones and almost neon green of the bow very well.



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