‘Les Fauves’


The Fauves were artists who were more instinctive with their art than those in formal movements with rules and regulations.  In their instinctive style, the Fauves chose to express themselves with the use of bold color, gestural and expressive brushstrokes, and simplified figures and shapes.  With their erratic, and sometimes chaotic, color choices, Fauves are known to believe in color theory and how color can portray or evoke an emotion.

Being one who loves color myself, I find the work of this movement to be beautiful for the fact that they use so much color! You would never think a person’s face, with varying shades of brown and peach, would ever have a blotch of blue that wasn’t in their eye, yet the Fauves made it work.  Their use of fantastical colors and color arrangement make for a captivating movement.



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  1. I like using colors to show movement and emotions as well. I think that colors show more depth and emotion than the actual subject matter. Different mixtures of color jsut seems to give it more depth and look more realistsic than using one solid color.

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