The Art of Rolled Paper


In Modern Art, the exploration of nontraditional art materials and the bringing of craft into art is a recurring theme. Paper quilling, the Victorian hobby of rolling and coiling paper strips and them arranging and gluing the coils to form a design or picture, is a great example of this. Traditionally confined to the world of home craft, quilling is typically associated with schmaltzy scrapbooks, overly simple step-by-step designs, and the craft sections of home magazines. However, the following images reveal that some artists have taken quilling far beyond its typical uses to create Fine Art. – Calla Bilhorn

First, some quilling by Yulia Brodskaya :





Here are some other pieces, but I don’t know the artist’s names for these ones:




And since we just finished studying Van Gogh:



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  1. My mother taught me how to do this as a child. It takes a lot of patience and dedication but if you have the time it is very worth it. We made ornaments for the tree every year like they did in Poland as kids. I never thought I would see this kind of work done with the medium. Very Cool!

  2. Calla, have you made any pieces using this type of medium? If so, please post some images!

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