Required Materials:

  • Oat meal Canister
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Soda Can
  • Craft Glue
  • Epoxy
  • Electrical Tape
  • Xacto Knife/Scissors
  • Card Stock
  • Ruler
  • Wooden Clothes Pin
  • #16 Beading Needle

Prepping the Oatmeal Canister:

  • Clean all of the crumbs out of the container with a damp paper towel.
  • Run a thin bead of craft glue around the inside bottom edge of the canister.


  • Paint the inside of the canister as well as the inside and outside of the lid with black spray paint.
  • Once the paint dries, make a small square hole in the front of the canister 2 3/4 inches from the bottom of the canister.  This becomes the Pinhole Window.


Preparing the Pinhole Plate:

  • Cut both ends off of a soda can (xacto knife).
  • Once both ends are removed, cut the body apart to make a 3×3 inch square plate with rounded corners (scissors).


This is becomes the pinhole plate where we will drill the pinhole.

Making the Pinhole Drill:


  • Use the left over bottom of the soda can to mix the epoxy.
  • Apply the epoxy to the inside mouth of the wooden clothes pin.
  • Insert the #16 needle in the mouth of the clothes pin (1/4 inch should be sticking out), clamp down, and let dry.  The final drill should look like this:


Drilling the Pinhole:

  • Hold the aluminum plate very carefully and gentely press the “drill” until the point shows through the other side.
  • Continue until you have a 1/100th inch hole.Image

Installing the Pinhole:

  • Place electrical tape around 2 sides of the pinhole plate.
  • Make a circle around the pinhole with epoxy, be careful not to get any epoxy in the pinhole.  Image
  • Center the pinhole in the middle of the cut out square.
  • Place the plate in the container so that the sticky and epoxy sides are against the inside of the container.
  • Press and hold until epoxy firmly attaches. Image

Making the shutter:

  • Cut a 1 1/2 x 2 inch rectangle out of the card stock.
  • Cut a 3/4 x 5 inch strip out of card stock.
  • Fold the 3/4 x5 strip in half, then bend the ends into a “T” shape.
  • Glue the handle of the “T” together from the inside, and glue the top of the “T” to the 1 1/2 x2 rectangle.Image

Preparing the shutter slides:

  • Out of the same card stock, cut 2 1×7 inch strips.
  • Cut 2 10 inch strips of electrical tape.
  • Stick the tape to the strips leaving overhang on both ends.


Attaching the shutter and shutter slides:

  • Align one shutter slide just below the pinhole box.
  • Attach gently, incase you need to adjust the tightness.
  • Insert the shutter into the first shutter slide, test to make sure you can slide the shutter but it is not too loose.
  • Attach the second shutter slide and adjust for easy sliding.Image
  • Now place the lid on you canister and you have a completed Oatmeal Canister Pinhole Camera!


Coming Soon:

Art Experiment: DIY Pinhole Camera Part 2!

In which we load the camera and develop paper negatives and prints!

(Based on Pinhole Camera Guide found @

Art Experiment: DIY Pinhole Camera Part 1


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  1. Whoaaa, this is super cool. I can’t believe you took the time to do this!

    Also your little cat is just way too cute.

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