Using a CNC Machine to Illustrate your Art

Andrew Vomhof utilizes computer software to create a series of commands, then with the use of a CNC machine he is able to transfer his art from the computer to a surface. Andrew’s art depicts intricate patterns that use a single unbroken line.

Andrew was a student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), where he started working on this technique in 2009. Many of his works form a circular pattern with stars and constellations, like Polaris Supernova.

Polaris Supernova

Blue & Black Star Navigation-2011: Pen & Ink

Circle Study #1-2010: Sharpie on Canson

Untitled-2010: Sharpie on Canson
Posted by: Kate Vomhof


About Forest of Dreams

My family calls me the professional, perpetual student. I suppose they have a point, but if you have to be addicted to something, at least learning isn't usually hazardous to your health unless you spend all your living hours in the library or in a studio with toxic chemicals. When I am not on a quest for some arcane bit of information, I can be found at the front of a roomful of wonderful students-- sharing what my sister Kris called "the Fountain of Useless Knowledge". Or playing Ukulele, and sometimes doing both.... To contact me directly-- email

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  1. I really liked these pieces, thanks for posting. I’m a big fan of geometric shapes so this was right up my alley. Plus the use of the CNC machine really added a unique aspect to the works.

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