Roy Lichtenstein…A ‘Comic’ Genius


Earlier I posted a photo of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl” (1963), this is the article that goes along with it:

If you are anything like me and you love cartoons and comics, then Roy Lichtenstein will soon become one of your favorite artists. Roy Lichtenstein has been credited as the artist who started the Pop Art phenomenon. He has been known to create life-size, comic style paintings. Many of those works used the Ben-Day dots style, which basically is using hundreds of dots together and from a distance it looks as if the work is solid. One big commonality in many of his famous works is…wait for it….women, that’s right, women. Lichtenstein loved to paint girls; it is imminent in many of his works such as: “Oh Jeff” “Crying Girl” “Ohhh Alright” “Girl with Hair Ribbon” “Hopeless” “M-Maybe”

Lichtenstein has also taken classic works and re-styled them in has cartoonish ways. Take Van Gogh for example. Van Gogh painted his own bedroom in 1888 and titled it “Bedroom in Arles”. Lichtenstein remade this classic by replacing things that were “out of date” and use more modern version. Examples would be the chairs and the shirts hanging in the back.

A New York Times critic called Lichtenstein “one of the worst artists in America.” All he did was enlarging comics and television ads and I say that’s a good thing. He took what was mass mediatizing America and made art out of it. Other artists such as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons were doing the same thing. Warhol just enlarged a soup can and a brillo box, Koons re-created widely known figures such as Michael Jackson and the Pink Panther. None of their works are original in thought, they just used what was popular and Lichtenstein did the same. I only wish I could do work as great as him. The Art Institute of Chicago has just finished an exhibition on Roy Lichtenstein in September of this year. I really wish I’d known…I’d like to have seen these up close, but oh well…maybe next time.

Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition on Roy Lichtenstein:


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