Art in Mass Production


Let’s talk about Jeff Koons, for a minute, shall we?

Jeff koons portrait

There he is, in all his grandeur.
I would like to begin this post by pointing out that this man is not an artist. No, he’s not.
At least he used to be, but he decided it would limit his productivity if he could only work on one project at once.
So instead, he switched to mass production by paying 120+ assisstants to carry out his vision for him.
Like a queen bee, he sits around in his hive of a studio letting his workers make his art for him.

Jeff Koons in his studio

Naturally, none of the credit ever goes to those unfortunate people who sold their soul to him.
I guess some people could argue that he’s only popular as an artist because people actually work for him, buy his work and display it in museums.

But I mean…just look at this… What I don’t understand is the appeal for his art, it’s the kitschy-est thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles – Jeff Koons (1998)

Balloon Dog- Jeff Koons

Ouuuuuuh, so shiny!

I guess I could understand why he would recruit people to help him build these outrageous sculptures, because some of them get pretty gigantic… But the fact that he doesn’t contribute save for his ideas, or even give his assistants any credit angers me deeply.

The question some might ask is “Is Jeff Koons any different than Andy Warhol or Marcel DuChamp?”

The answer is yes, because Warhol did steal the Brillo box, but at least he made the replica himself, without the help of 120 assistants.

Brillo Box- Andy Warhol

As for Marcel Duchamp, well he just picked things up off the street, put his name on it, and stuck it in a gallery…

Marcel Duchamp, Bottle Dryer (1914)

As much as I disrespect Jeff Koons, I can’t ignore the real reason why he is so popular; people actually like and buy his stuff.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about Marla Olmstead too.

Marla olmstead painting

Marla Olmstead

Everyone, meet Marla Olmstead. She was born in 2000 and she makes more money than you; her paintings are worth thousands of dollars.

Marla Olmstead – Ode to Pollock II

So  this brings us to this question; Is mass produced art really art? Or is it just a product at this point?
And is exploiting your kids really an okay thing to do?


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