Rembrandt at Milwaukee Art Museum and UWM


Reminder- You can see the real deal at UWM in the Emile Mathis Art History Gallery in Mitchell hall– REMBRANDT: States, Fakes and Restrikes

or check out the painting from the Kenwood House on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum — opening October 12.  Remember to bring your student ID for reduced rates! 


About Forest of Dreams

My family calls me the professional, perpetual student. I suppose they have a point, but if you have to be addicted to something, at least learning isn't usually hazardous to your health unless you spend all your living hours in the library or in a studio with toxic chemicals. When I am not on a quest for some arcane bit of information, I can be found at the front of a roomful of wonderful students-- sharing what my sister Kris called "the Fountain of Useless Knowledge". Or playing Ukulele, and sometimes doing both.... To contact me directly-- email

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